What makes us different
Our programmes are based on meeting those organizational needs required by the individual to perform optimally in a specific job. These encompass the necessary functional competencies, and also extend to task and leadership competencies . We ensure that the organizational culture and leadership will support the competencies to be applied.

We believe in assessing individuals against the competence requirements of a position to ensure that development will result in improved performance in support of team and organizational development and growth strategies.

Our programmes are tailor-made to meet specific company needs. We ensure that our programmers are properly integrated with the organisation’s existing assessment and development procedures, the aligned values and the organizational strategies to be achieved.

We focus on integrating the organizational values, strategies and plans with the performance and competence requirement roles that all individuals have to fulfill in their current and future positions.

Our approach is based on assisting individuals in fully utilizing their potential by building on their strengths and helping them overcome the weaknesses impacting on performance. We also help individuals fit in better with the organization. Individuals need to first discover their strengths and development areas.

Fundamental to our methodology, is that management provides support after development and that the impact of development is monitored on a regular basis. Management play a fundamental role in creating opportunities for DEVELOPMENT and GROWTH and are instrumental with their people to monitor PERFORMANCE.

We are committed towards shaping individuals and organizations to deal with discovering potential, developing and growing potential and maximising the capacity to perform .

We follow an integrated process which results in a common philosophy towards excellence at all levels in the organization. Our assessment and development programmes are suitable across the board from top management down to operational levels. We have eliminated the cultural bias in terms of the methodologies we employ.

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Our Approach
To achieve our vision and live our values, our approach is based on the following principles:

We align our processes to match the values, strategies and business processes of our clients. Consequently we ensure that the leadership culture and structures are alligned to the outcomes we wish to achieve. Prior to conducting any intervention we ensure that what we do, would satisfy the needs of our clients. Desirable performance outcomes are agreed.

To ensure that we address the correct development needs, we make use of customized solutions. Individuals and organizations need to discover and accept their strengths and development areas in order to grow, develop and perform. Our registration at the HPCSA ensure that we make use of culture free assessment methods. These align to the requirements of roles to achieve results and to inculcate and achieve organizational values and strategies. Validated assessment processes to assess individual and organizational development needs at all levels in the organization are utilized.

The leaders functioning in our client base are key to our success in growing and developing individuals, teams and the organizations to perform.

Leaders in the organization play a key role in supporting our development and change processes to ensure successful transference of skill and the achievement of the envisaged change and improved performance levels we agree at individual and team levels.

Individuals also have a key role to play to drive their own development, growth and ability to perform.In respect of our individualized assessment and development processes, we cater for the unique needs of organizations and individuals and the impact of these interventions on competence and performance levels are continuously monitored.

The organizational culture, structures and processes must support change and performance at all levels. The competencies we develop with our clients that individuals have to display, support these.

We continuously benchmark our methodologies and techniques against world class and international standards by staying abreast of the latest developments through our exposure as international consultants to our overseas clients.

Over the years we have retained long-term relationships with all our major customers and clients through the enhancement and reinforcement of our processes and interventions.

Our products and services are offered at all levels in the organization namely at executive / management, supervisory and operational levels to ensure a common philosophy and language in terms of organizational and individual competence, behaviour and performance requirements at all level

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Our Vision and Values
Our mission is to be a committed African based organization who provide world class organizational and people assessment and development processes to clients, which maximize individual, team and organizational performance. We achieve this through close relationships and partnerships with all stakeholders.

Our vision is to be a consulting group viewed as experts internationally, who promote customized solutions, to assess, grow and develop individuals and organizations to maximize performance potential. To achieve our vision, we endeavour to model the following values as a team:

  • Trust and Integrity:To build trusting relationship in whatever we do.
  • Teamwork: To keep the interest of our team at heart and to align what we do to teams in the organizations we partner with.
  • Service Quality: To endeavour to be professional in our conduct and to deliver on our promises
  • Innovation: Keeping ahead in terms of world class methodologies and latest research.
  • Equity and Empowerment: To contribute to the economical empowerment of all people in our country and in Africa.
  • Equity and Empowerment: To contribute to the economical empowerment of all people in our country and in Africa.

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We are currently rebranding as Competence Lab
Furthermore time was also spent to research methodologies employed by the Creative Leadership Institute in Greensborough. During this time the methodologies of the organization were also aligned to the latest assessment and development methodologies utilized by some major European companies. Since 1995 Ben Spies and Associates have been actively involved in consulting in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Africa.

The main field of specialization of our organization is our know-how in organizational and individual assessment as well as development / change interventions aimed at improved competence and performance at individual, team and organizational levels. Ben is supported by a group of mature, qualified consultants who have all had extensive exposure and experience in their fields of expertise.

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