Dear Ben

Commenting on your training provided to DAL Agency (Pty) Ltd in Johannesburg on the 5 th June 2014, as well as on previous occasions in both Cape Town and Durban to our staff. Our perception is that the training provided is well researched, practical and applicable in the day-to-day situations our staff encounter in their duties both telephonically as well as personal visits.

Following your instruction last week we asked the delegates to complete a training evaluation form, where some of the questions concerned training relevance, knowledge and ability of the instructor and most crucial question was “did they come away from the course, having improved their skills?” The answer options were on a scale of 1 – 5, where in the category scored between 4 & 5 with most delegates. The reason we have used your Company repetitively is that we, as Management, can see that having been through your training our staff ability to use the skills taught has certainly improved their capacity to interact on a higher level.

In closing we would have no reservation in recommending your services to other companies.

Kind Regards
Ron Frick
Managing Director, DAL Agency (Pty) Ltd
Hi Reona

Just a huge thanks for a really powerful workshop on Friday, the shifts that have taken place already have been quite remarkable and we had a really effective 2nd day too after the great grounding on day 1. So a huge thanks from myself, Jerome and the team and we really look forward to going on this journey with you and moving to even greater heights!

Dear Ben,

I would like to take the time to thank you for a very interesting, insightful and applicable course. This is truly an excellent course which anyone can benefit from within the work environment and also provides insight and valuable skills on how to think and react “outside of one’s own box”. I look forward to seeing you at the following courses.

Thank you once again
Kind regards,
Inneke Bester
Intrinsic Development Manager
Dear Ben

Thank-you for a great course. I am glad I was able to identify my weaknesses and I now have a clear idea of when I need to work on.

Karen Funnell
Intrinsic Development Manager l Quality Management & Research l Distell Ltd
Hi Ben Thank you once again for the insightful workshop and the overview you sent me. We are always aware of the challenges & shortcomings, it is just to have the “know how” on how to best apply it and that is where the course was a great help. Thanks
Irma Alberts
Distell -Corporate Social Investment Department
Hi Ben,

Hope you are well and that you arrived home safely. It was great to meet you and absolutely wonderful to have been part of the two day course.

You have moved me and I am definitely going to change my thinking and improve in my problem solving. THANK YOU. As discussed, would you be able to send the two tests to me so I can have my husband do them. I would love to see what thinking style he is and what colour he is.

He owns a supermarket so he will, more than likely, never do a test like this. It more for personal use. Hope you can assist.

Thank you,
Take care!
Vangie Fonseca
National Key Accounts Manager
Hi guys

Woooow,the coarse was fruitful, I really enjoyed it, environment was good, exercises we exiting. Hope to see you again guys.

Luthando batala
Distell TradeXpress, Southern Region: Relief Manager

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