Our programs are based on meeting those organizational needs required by the individual to perform optimally in a specific job. These encompass the necessary functional competencies, and also extend to task and leadership competencies. We ensure that the organizational culture and leadership will support the competencies to be applied.

We believe in assessing individuals against the competence requirements of a position to ensure that development will result in improved performance in support of team and organizational development and growth strategies.


Going from clueless with interpersonal skills to being savvy enough to invest in my future and live well within my means in what feels like an instant after talking to Competence Lab Consultants has really put my mind at rest and I can now make informed, educated smart decisions in regards to my career.


Our mission is to be a committed African based organization who provide world class organizational and people assessment and development processes to clients, which maximize individual, team and organizational performance. We achieve this through close relationships and partnerships with all stakeholders.

Our vision is to be a consulting group viewed as experts internationally, who promote customized solutions, to assess, grow and develop individuals and organizations to maximize performance potential.

To achieve our vision, we endeavor to model the following values as a team:

To keep the interest of our team at heart and to align what we do to teams in the organizations we partner with.

Service Quality – To endeavor to be professional in our conduct and to deliver on our promises.

To build trusting relationship in whatever we do.

Keeping ahead in terms of world class methodologies and latest research.

To contribute to the economic empowerment of all people in our country and in Africa.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
– Socrates

Our Team

Ben Spies
Ben SpiesChairman of the Group
Reona Burger
Reona BurgerChief Associate: Competence Assessment Lab
Mia Quinn
Mia QuinnChief Associate: Competence Assessment Lab
Nigel Hartman
Nigel HartmanDevelopment & Assessment Consultant
Zandri Pretorius
Zandri PretoriusLogistical Coordinator






Jolandi Walden
Jolandi WaldenOffice Manager


Wilco Shoeman
Wilco ShoemanAssessment Consultant


Suzaan Oosthuizen
Suzaan OosthuizenAssessment Consultant


Kimberly Carruthers
Kimberly CarruthersAssessment Consultant


Our Partners

Areas of Expertise

We are committed towards shaping individuals and organizations to deal with discovering potential, developing and growing potential and maximizing the capacity to perform

Individual Competence Assessment

Career Assessment

Career Assessment / Counselling

Graduate Potential, Selection, Development and Guidance Assessments, Selection Assessments

Assessment for Development Purposes

Assessment of Succession Potential

Team / Organizational Competence Assessments

Team & Organizational Talent & Competency Assessments and Feedback

Team & Organizational Interpersonal & Conflict Style Assessments and Feedback

Team & Organizational Emotional Capability Assessments and Feedback

Team & Organizational Thinking Compatibility Assessments and Feedback

Team & Organizational Action and Planning Compatibility Assessments and Feedback

Team & Organizational Leadership Compatibility Assessments and Feedback

Team & Organizational Change Fitness Capability Assessment and Feedback

Team & Organizational Values Assessments and Feedback

Team & Organizational Culture/Climate Assessments and Feedback

360° Assessments

360 ° Talent & Competence Assessments

360 ° Values Assessments

360 ° Emotional Capability Assessments

360 ° Thinking Capability Assessments

360 ° Action and Planning Capability Assessments

360 ° Interpersonal & Conflict Style Assessments

360 ° Leadership Capability Assessments

360 ° Change Fitness Capability Assessments

360 ° Culture/Climate Assessments

360 ° Customer Perception and Attitudinal Surveys

Coaching Interventions

Lead to Perform – diagnostic coaching skills

Individual coaching sessions by professional coaches

Mentorship and Protégé programs

Modular Development Interventions

Emotional Intelligence and Personal Effectiveness

Thinking and Problem Solving

Action and Result Orientation

Planning and Organizing

Interpersonal and Relationship Building Skills

Individual, Team and Change Leadership Skills

Specialized Development Interventions

Sales effectiveness training

Sales Leadership Development Program

Negotiations skills

Presentations skills – overcoming the fear of presenting

Facilitation skills – helping trainers to facilitate learning

Competency-based selection and interview training

Goal setting and performance management training

Strategy and Organizational Growth Interventions

Vision, Strategy and Values Alignment

Change and Transformational Support

Team Building and Growth

Performance Management

Computerized Solutions

Sales effectiveness training

Sales Leadership Development Program

Negotiations skills

Presentations skills – overcoming the fear of presenting

Facilitation skills – helping trainers to facilitate learning

Competency-based selection and interview training

Goal setting and performance management training

Distance Learning Modules

Thinking Skills Modules

  • Improving your Problem solving skills
  • Understanding more about global strategy thinking and competitive strategy skills
  • Improving judgment module
  • Business Innovation fundamentals module
  • Business Acumen skills

Management and Planning Skills Modules

  • Managing people
  • Managing for success
  • Time management
  • Leading teams more effectively
  • How to do effective performance reviews

Communication Skills Modules

  • Communication fundamentals
  • Influencing others
  • Listening skills
  • Negotiation skills fundamentals
  • Presentation skills fundamentals
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Building business relationships
  • Having difficult conversation

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence at work
  • Developing self-confidence and resilience
  • Building trust

Leadership skills

  • Leadership building blocks
  • Coaching skills and motivating teams
  • Leading High-performance teams
  • Leading change
  • Leadership insights shared by experts
  • Executive leadership fundamentals


  • Sales Skills fundamentals
  • Selling with Emotional Intelligence
  • Enable yourself through effective planning
  • Explore the market and customers’ needs
  • Examine data, price strategy and problem-solving
  • Engage and selling skills plus negotiation tips
  • Evaluate and Coach sales staff

All of your customers are partners in your mission.